Nice Advice

If your style is normally cottage or glamping,
but you’d like to try back to basics camping.
There are a few things you ought to know,
before you pack up your tent and go.
Kingsettle campsite was built on farming,
it’s rural, peaceful, eco and charming.

Early summer, the meadow grows long – wild flowers and grass seed,
therefore, it’s wise to bring anything you may need.
As the sun starts to set in the sky,
be aware of the midge and the fly.
Insect repellent would be the best,
the fly should leave you, and go to rest.
If you are unlucky, to suffer from hay fever,
bring your meds, hopefully, no problem either.
Welly boots, people tend to forget,
but you’ll be glad of them if wet.
You’ll probably remember sunglasses, hat and cream,
these are really useful, if the sun starts to beam.
At night, the stars are bright,
but you will need a torch, for your main light.

Please don’t enter our hedges, I hear you asking why?
within could be barbs and nettles, on contact – could make you cry.
Surrounding lands, are private, but the campsite is all yours.
Please don’t cross the boundaries treat them as closed doors.
Although a campsite now,
our grass in winter is needed for the cow,
Hay is full of goodness, tasty for them to eat,
cows don’t like kids toys, tent pegs, or shoes worn upon our feet.
There’s just one more thing, I’d like to ask, please consider your waste.
Sort it into recycling, instead of the bin, in haste.
So all in all I hope you will enjoy your stay,
What ever the weather, rain or shine, either way.

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